Auxiliary PTO Lever

aux-PTO-kit   aux-PTO3

Makes engaging and disengaging the PTO a breeze! No more fumbling for the lever!

The auxiliary PTO lever puts the operation for the PT in front of you, where it should be. The kit includes a knob that matches the existing transmission lever on the 8N, so it doesn’t even look like an add-on! An excellent accessory that fits most older Ford tractors!

Installs easily using hand tools. No modifications required to your tractor. Kit includes everything necessary. Available in red or gray.

Please specify which tractor when ordering.

Price is $65 + free shipping


Valve Stem Protector for Rear Wheels


Exact replica of an original part. Gives excellent protection against branches, mud or other objects breaking off the valve stem. Pays for itself with just one saved valve stem! Makes an excellent addition for a “show” tractor.

Installs easily over existing wheel bolts. No modifications required to your tractor. Comes painted Ford red. Sold as a pair.

Price is $50/pair + free shipping


Row Guide for Cultivating

row-guide1   row-guide2

Reproduction of the Dearborn Row Guide. Mounts and adjusts with just one specially-made bolt. Bolts through both axles—better than the original!

Price is $40 + free shipping


Adjustable Work Light Holder

work-light3   work-light2

Reproduction of a fully-adjustable work light holder. Moves in both the horizontal and vertical directions, and stays in position when you let go of the handle.

The two pivot points are separated by a copper washer, so they won’t rust and seize together.

Comes already assembled, you just bolt it on. Great for working at night with rear implements, but also a nice addition for a show tractor. Comes powder coated Ford red. (The light is NOT included, the one shown is for the picture only.)

Price is $85 + free shipping


Gas Gauge for 9N/2N/8N


No more sticking something into your tank to check the amount of gas remaining! One glance tells you immediately!

Simply remove your existing gas cap and replace with this gauge. Fits neatly under the lid so it won’t distract from the appearance of your “show” tractor!

Price is $25 + free shipping


Gas Gauge for NAA/600s/800s


Works just like the one for the 8N, except it is made especially for the slightly shallower tank used on these tractors. To make sure it works on your tractor, insert a tape measure into your tank and measure from the bottom of the tank to the top of the neck. It should measure approximately 7.5 inches.

Simply remove your existing cap and replace with this gauge. Fits neatly under the lid so it won’t distract from the appearance of your tractor!

Price is $25 + free shipping


Steelcraft Umbrella Holder for 9N/2N/8N/NAA

steel-umbrella1   steel-umbrella2

Reproduction of the rare Steelcraft Umbrella Holder. Two cast pieces mount directly to the differential housing behind the seat. Very rigid, won’t vibrate like a fender mount.

Comes powder coated Ford red. All hardware is included! Made to fit 1¼ inch diameter umbrella poles.

Price is $95 + free shipping


Umbrella Holder for NAA/100s

umbrella-holder-kit   umbrella-holder1

A simple yet sturdy umbrella holder that fits most older Ford tractors. Sturdier than the fender mount style.

All hardware is included.

Price is $75 + free shipping


Sherman Transmission Cable-to-Lever Conversion Kit

sherman-trans-conv1   sherman-trans-conv2

This kit will convert your cable style transmission into the more common and reliable lever style. The pivot apparatus clamps to the transmission’s housing. The kit includes a reproduction lever.

Comes with installation instructions.

Price is $115 + free shipping


Automatic Fuel Shut-Off Valve

auto-fuel-valve1   auto-fuel-valve2

The Automatic Fuel Shut-Off Valve closes automatically when you turn your ignition key off, and opens when you turn your ignition key on. You will never have to worry about gas running into your carburetor or worse, ruining your engine. No need to manually close your sediment bowl valve every time you turn your engine off. Installs easily, is made to fit the 9N, 2N and 8N Fords, but will probably fit others. Only 12 volt available.

Price is $65 + free shipping




Used with the V-Drawbar, these are 5/8 inch diameter fine thread, just like the originals. They are zinc-plated, and come with nuts and lock washers.

Price is $25 + free shipping


Sherman Left-Hand Brake Handle for 9N/2N

sherman-left-brake-9N-2N   sherman-left-brake-9N-2N-2

Now you can operate the left brake with your left hand at the same time you are using the clutch.

Installs easily! Another great product originally made by Sherman!

Price is $55 + free shipping


Sherman Combination Transmission Rebuild Kit


Everything you need to rebuild the Sherman Combination Transmission. Included are all the bearings, two thrust washers, two gaskets, the seal and a grommet for the lever.

Price is $155 + free shipping


Sherman Step-Up Transmission Rebuild Kit

Price is $155 + free shipping


Sherman Transmission Mounting Plate

This is the mounting plate for installing the Sherman Combination Transmission. It is machined from one piece of steel. The originals were cast iron and had a tendency to crack. It comes with all eight mounting bolts and four lock washers.

Price is $125 + free shipping


Shift Lever Stop

shift-lever-stop1   shift-lever-stop2

Used with the 5-speed transmission, prevents shifting into 4th and 5th gear. Great for loader work! No more fumbling for the middle gear range!

Installs using the existing bolts.

Price is $30 + free shipping


Position Control for Three-Point Hitch

position-control-kit   position-control

This kit is made to fit the 9N and 2N Fords and some Fergusons. It enables your three-point hitch to stay at the height you set! This kit makes any mounted implement much easier to control!

Price is $105 + free shipping


Ferguson Transport Lock

ferguson-lock-kit   ferguson-lock

Reproduction of the Ferguson Transport Lock. Because the hydraulic pump only works with the PTO engaged, going down the road with a PTO implement can be dangerous. This device locks the three-point hitch in the raised position.

Works on most Fords and Fergusons, available in red or gray.

Price is $65 + free shipping


Cup Holder for N-Series


Works on either side, clamps securely to the hood.

Price is $30 + free shipping


Fender Rack

fender-rack2   fender-rack

Bolts onto fender using existing bolt holes! Neatly holds all your three point hitch parts and grease gun!

Price is $85 + free shipping