Greene Engineering Drawbar Lock

Reproduction of the Greene Engineering cast iron drawbar lock. Simple one-piece casting mounts directly to the lower lift arm. A very unique device, no bolts or pins required!

Price is $75 + free shipping  

V-Drawbar for N-Series/NA

Cut from a single piece of steel! It looks just like the original, including the “slight curve” in each leg.

It comes complete with two J-bolts and two carriage bolts. The nuts for the carriage bolts are the “heavy hex” style, like the originals.

The V-Drawbar really makes a nice sturdy pulling point and is recommended when pulling heavier loads.

Price is $195 + free shipping 

V-Drawbar 600s/800s

Similar to the N-Series V-Drawbar. Slightly different shape.

Price is $195 + free shipping  


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